I began to draw as a 10-year-old girl, in love with Japanese Cartoons and mangas. At 20 I debuted as an artist at the First “Happening Underground” in Milan and at the Comicon in Naples. During the years my paintings were exhibited in Rome, New York and Milan. I was an arts major and attended script and drawing courses with the major Italian illustrators, including Lorenzo Mattotti and Stefano Ricci.

I also worked as an Art Curator for 4 years. At the moment I’m working on a new solo painting exhibit and two Illustrated Books, one of which I’m writing.


In Italy: Mondadori, Piemme, Newton Compton, Lapis.
In the US: Penguin, Oxford University Press, Wall Street Journal, Capstone, Bloomsbury Children’s Books, Capstone and Klutz Press.



  • Paris, Mail Art Exhibition (Group Show), SLOW Gallery
  • Roma, I tuoi adorati uccellini (Group Show), Mondo Bizzarro Gallery
  • Roma, Today is my favorite day (Solo Show), Hangar Tattoo Art Gallery


  • Roma, C’era una volta, MACRO La Pelanda (Group Show)
  • Roma, Festival diffuso di arti contemporanee (Group Show), MondoBizzarroGallery
  • Roma, Merli e Merletti (Solo Show), Nuovo Cinema Aquila
  • Firenze, Plurale Femminile (Group Show), Tattoo convention.


  • Roma, Casa dei teatri, Una stanza tutta per sé (Group Show)
  • Roma, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, +ME (Solo Show)
  • Salerno, Studio21, TAROT (Group Show)


  • Roma, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Italian Pop Surrealism (Group Show)
  • Roma, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, TAROT (Group Show)


  • New York, Kathleen Kullen Gallery, Dream Therapy (Group Show)


  • Roma, Sala Santa Rita, “Nouvelle Graphique Romana”(solo show)
  • Roma, Antiki Kimono, “Geisha Paint Project”(solo show)
  • Milano, Triennale, “Fumetto International”(group show)


  • Roma, 47thFloor, “Voodoo Therapy”(solo show)
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